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Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel products are used for equipment alignment and adjustments with great precision. These can also be utilized for setting up of the tool and die. The said products are ideal for repairing and replacing broken machinery. Stainless steel products are known for maximum versatility.

Alloy Steel Products

Alloy steel products are utilised in a variety of industries, including those that deal with chemicals, fats, and fertilisers, sugar mills, distilleries, cement, shipbuilding, paper, pumps, petrochemicals, oil, and natural gas, among others. These are also used in the production of corrosion-resistant containers, silverware, pots and pans.

Copper Products

Copper products are demanded in the market due to their robustness, anti-corrosive nature and durability. These are utilised in corrosive environments and are used with soft material surfaces to fix other components. Copper products are most commonly used in onshore and offshore marine applications and are resistant to typical sea-water corrosion.

Hastelloy Products

Hastelloy products are an excellent material to use in applications using sintered square wire mesh, including those involving wet chlorine, mixed oxidising acids like nitric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, ferric and cupric chlorides, as well as other chemical processes. These are used to make high-temperature gas path components for the chemical industry's pipes and valves.

Super Duplex Steel Products

Super duplex steel products are renowned for their superb combination of strong corrosion resistance and superior mechanical qualities. These are employed in industrial applications, including the manufacture of chemical containers for use in high-chloride settings and seawater heat exchangers.

Carbon Steel Products

Carbon steel products are best suitable for laying the groundwork and transporting oil or natural gas. These are used as condenser and boiler tubes. Carbon steel products can also be utilized for the movement of wastewater, chemical transformation and applications involving high pressure.

Nickel Alloy Steel Products

Nickel alloy steel products are widely utilised in a variety of application industries, including cement, sugar, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, nuclear power, and sugar. These include butt weld pipe fittings and round bars. Nickel alloy steel products are ideal for superior seawater corrosion resistance, low macro-fouling rate, and outstanding workability.

Copper Nickel Products

Copper nickel products are purchased for high pressure and temperature applications. these are a common material in modern architecture and are utilised in power plants. Copper nickel products are used in the oil and gas sector. The fabrication industry uses these highly versatile and reliable products.

Titanium Alloy Products

Titanium alloy products are employed in several aircraft airframe and engine component purposes, as well as in numerous significant non-aerospace applications, particularly in the marine, offshore, and power generating industries. These are most widely used alloy in applications such as products for the military, the aerospace industry etc.

Aluminum Products

Aluminium products can be applied in many different situations. These are utilised for levelling, as in the case of a motor mount shim, aligning a motor and shaft, as in the case of an alignment shim, or minimising a gap between two components, as in the case of a differential shim.

Tantalum Products

Tantalum products are more reactive and develops a stable oxide coating at higher temperatures. These are mostly used in alloys to increase strength, ductility, and melting points. Tantalum products can also be used to make surgical instruments, electrolytic capacitors, furnace parts, nuclear reactors, and surgical equipment.